Educational Initiative

Objects and Memory stimulates vigorous discussions about fundamental aspects of humanity:
  • how we navigate through a physical world,
  • how we concretize our observations and responses,
  • how we recognize history as it is happening,
  • how we maintain communities across space and time,
  • how we make sense of turbulent times,
  • what fundamental human qualities drive our responses.

The Objects and Memory presentations, workshops, and materials engage students and the general public in an examination of assumptions in order to help them better understand and appreciate their lives, their responses, and their world. Issues include contemporary history, historic preservation, material culture, philosophy, art, cross-cultural studies, museum studies, memory, meaning, and value: how we imbue physical things with significance.

This multilevel and interdisciplinary perspective helps people - young and old - look anew at what is around them and make profound connections about the underpinnings of human endeavor. Using topical segments, interviews, and scenes from eighty hours of material not incorporated into the film, presentations have been designed for middle school through post-graduate university levels, as well as for professional advancement and general audiences.

Producer/Director Jonathan Fein has screened the film and lectured at colleges, museums, schools, conferences, and community centers across the country, including the University of Massachusetts, the New-York Historical Society, Columbia University, the University of Maryland, the Arkell Museum, NYU, the School of Visual Arts, the Derfner Museum, the University of Rochester, Rutgers University, the Philbrook Museum, Indiana University, the University of Central Oklahoma, North Central Texas College, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Brooklyn Museum, and St. John's University. In 2009 he was the culminating speaker at the Cultural Heritage Now Conference, sponsored by the Rutgers Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies Program. In 2010 he was invited to screen Objects and Memory and to speak at the national meeting of the American Association for State and Local History. Jon Fein has been interviewed by Bob Edwards, for Oklahoma Public Radio, and for ABC's 20/20.

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Program Description

When Memories Set Value Of Things - Program Review


     Oklahoma State University

     Virginia Commonwealth University

     New York City Department of Education

     University of Maryland

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